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Combined Fluorescence and X-Ray Tomography for Quantitative In Vivo Detection of Fluorophore (45-52)

Initial results from a novel dual modality preclinical imager which combines non-contact fluorescence tomography (FT) and x-ray computed tomography (CT) for preclinical functional and anatomical in vivo imaging are presented. The anatomical data from CT provides a priori information to the FT reconstruction to create overlaid functional and anatomical images with accurate localization and quantification of fluorophore distribution. Phantoms with inclusions containing Indocyanine-Green (ICG), and with heterogeneous backgrounds including iodine in compartments at different concentrations for CT contrast, have been imaged with the dual modality FT/CT system. Anatomical information from attenuation maps and optical morphological information from absorption and scattering maps are used as a priori information in the FT reconstruction. Although ICG inclusions can be located without the a priori information, the recovered ICG concentration shows 75% error. When the a priori information is utilized, the ICG concentration can be recovered with only 15% error. Developing the ability to accurately quantify fluorophore concentration in anatomical regions of interest may provide a powerful tool for in vivo small animal imaging.

Key words: Fluorescence Tomography; Diffuse Optical Tomography; X-Ray Computed Tomography.

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TCRT February 2010

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Volume 9
No. 1 (p. 1-106)
February 2010
ISSN 1533-0338

W. C. Barber, Ph.D.1
Y. Lin, Ph.D.2*
O. Nalcioglu, Ph.D.2
J. S. Iwanczyk, Ph.D.1
N. E. Hartsough, Ph.D.1
G. Gulsen, Ph.D.2

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