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A Study of the Immunological Response to Tumor Ablation with Irreversible Electroporation (p. 301-306)

Immune cell recruitment during the treatment of sarcoma tumors in mice with irreversible electroporation was studied by immunohistochemistry. Irreversible electroporation is a non-thermal tissue ablation technique in which certain short duration electrical fields are used to permanently permeabilize the cell membrane, presumably through the formation of nanoscale defects in the membrane. Employing irreversible electroporation parameters known to completely ablate the tumors without thermal effects we did not find infiltration of immune cells probably because of the destruction of infiltration routes. We confirm here that immune response is not instrumental in irreversible electroporation efficacy, and we propose that irreversible electroporation may be, therefore, a treatment modality of interest to immunodepressed cancer patients.

Key words: Tumor ablation; Irreversible electroporation; Immunological response; Tumor infiltration; and Immunocytochemistry.

TCRT August 2007

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Volume 6
No. 4 (p 255-360)
August 2007
ISSN 1533-0338

B. Al-Sakere, M.D., M.Sc.1,2
C. Bernat, M.Sc.1,2
F. André, Ph.D.1,2
E. Connault, B.Sc.1,2
P. Opolon, M.D.1,2
R. V. Davalos, Ph.D.3
L. M. Mir, D.Sc.1,2,*

1UMR 8121 CNRS-Institut
39 rue C. Desmoulins
F-94805 Villejuif, France
2Univ Paris-Sud, UMR 8121
3School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences
Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061, USA

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